June 2024 Update


The campaign to save Ballyness Bay from industrial Oyster and Clam farms began in 2019. The local community group Save Ballyness Bay (SBB) and people from far and wide who knew and appreciated the beauty of the bay and the asset that it was to all, were horrified at the Department of Agriculture and the Marine in reality selling off the bay over their heads to private commercial interests. The process of appeal against these licences is very much skewed against the community. The Dept’s approach is to push through these licences regardless of a mass of convincing scientific and environmental evidence and the wishes of the local community. To further stymie any opposition the Dept. has limited the opportunity for the community to appeal, to their taking a judicial review. The recent Aquaculture Licences Appeal Boards (ALAB) decision to grant 12 of the licences in Ballyness Bay and refuse only two has shocked the community. The two refused were the Tullyfish one at Ballyness Pier, from the pier across the face of the bay to the sand dune at Back Strand. The other was a small plot, over on the Dooey side of the bay. To help explain to supporters the extent of the licences granted, we have produced 2 maps. The map marked 2019 shows all the sites where licences were being applied for then. The map marked 2024 show the sites that had licences granted to them in June 2024. The SBB committee had lodged an extensive and detailed appeal with ALAB to oppose any aquaculture in Ballyness Bay, based on concerns for users of the bay, wildlife, the local economy, EU wildlife regulation infringements, scenic despoilment etc, etc, most of which, the ALAB Board chose to disregard. These concerns are all listed in the “Technical Report ” with which ALAB supported their decision. Having listed them, they then dismissed their relevance. The only items that were considered important enough were those of visual impact and the danger to seals. All our other environmental concerns and the Natura 2000 EU Wildlife Directives it seems are irrelevant. The committee are actively working their way through a mass of documentation to determine their next action. They have not gone away. Please keep up your support.

You can download the publication by clicking the Download link situated at the bottom left hand corner of the page. To view details of applications for licences for shellfish production in Ballyness Bay, Click Here and then scroll down to the Ballyness Bay section.