Those of us living in Cloughaneely are privileged to have on our doorstep one of the most beautiful places in Ireland – Ballyness Bay. It is not just lovely to look at. It is home to a whole range of special plants, birds, fish and animals. Some of these are rare and endangered. It is also a place which we all enjoy in our own way – walking, bird watching, fishing, kayaking, sailing, surfing, swimming and so much more. All this is under threat. It is in danger of being destroyed.

The Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Mr Michael Creed T.D., is considering allowing the bay to be used by the shellfish farming industry. We are not opposed to the shellfish industry. We are totally opposed to a shellfish industry in Ballyness Bay.         

Here is why:

JOBS.  We want to protect the jobs we have in this area and to protect the conditions to create more jobs. If the Minister approves turning the bay into an industrial site, some full time and some part time jobs may result. We know from our survey of local employers, that dozens of jobs depend on the business from tourists and visitors. They come to share the beautiful environment which we are privileged to enjoy. They are not going to come to look at an industrial site and a ruined environment. The future for sustainable employment here is eco-tourism which values and protects our precious environment.

SCIENTIFIC REASONS.  Environmental scientists have pointed out to the Minister a number of reasons why Ballyness Bay is NOT a suitable location for the shellfish industry.”If you want to read the detailed science, look under Publications on this website.”

SOCIAL/HEALTH REASONS. The whole community benefits from having Ballyness Bay available to us. It is not just beautiful and uplifting to look at. It is a major contributor to the health of the community. We use it in all the ways mentioned above, and more. Do we realise what a treasure we have? What right does any Minister have to steal that from us and destroy it?

The Minister says he consulted the local community, as he is bound to do by law. We say he failed to do that. Did you know about it?  Over three thousand people have contacted us who knew nothing about it until we brought it to their attention. Do not let him away with this. Make your voice heard. Write to the Minister at Mr.Michael Creed T.D.,Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Agriculture House, Kildare Street,Dublin,DO2 WK12 and register your objection.